Anunaya Chaubey

Anunaya Chaubey is a well-known artist whose works explore the mystery of the mundane individual and communal worlds. Layered and subtly textured, his paintings present a play of people and places and the dynamism between the two. His works can be found in both public and private collections across the world. 

He is currently the Provost of Anant National University, an institution dedicated to architecture, design and sustainability studies, located in Ahmedabad. Before Moving to AnantU in 2019, he helped found Young India Fellowship at Ashoka University and served as Deputy Dean for ten years. He continues to teach there. He has also served as Principal, Patna College of Arts and Craft for several years and as Secretary of Bihar Lalit Kala Akademi. In 2008, he was invited by the government of Mauritius as a Visting Fellow to set up the department of arts and crafts at Rabindranath Tagore Institute. He is a Salzburg Fellow at the Salzburg Media Academy.

Anunaya holds a PhD inEnglish Literature from Patna University, where he also taught the subject for more than 20 years. His doctoral thesis was on Ezra Pound's critical theories and practice. "The natural object is always the adequate symbol" is one of his favourite Poundian precepts.

As an academic Anunaya teaches a pathbreaking course on Art Appreciation at several institutions within the country and abroad. This module connects art with all the determinants that determine it, such as science and technology, history, psychology, economics, politics, entrepreneurship and a range of other knowledge and practice domains.
Photo Credit: Sanjeev Chatterjee